NetBalancer 8.9

It enables you to monitor and control your network traffic and bandwidth usage
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NetBalancer is a powerful software program that enables you not only to monitor your network traffic and bandwidth usage, but also to control them with total accuracy. The program allows you to set traffic rules and limits by processes, network adapters and PC groups, as well as global ones. Besides, the program also installs a gadget on your desktop which is always visible and lets you know your global bandwidth usage at a glance.

NetBalancer is full of helpful and advanced features, which I would say are mostly designed for advanced users and network administrators. Its main window shows you a list of all the processes that are currently running on your system with their assigned transmission priority and/or limit, number of active connections, sent and received amount of information and upload/download speeds. All this information is refreshed in real time. You can select any process in the list and set its transmission/reception priority and speed limits or block all its network traffic. Moreover, you can also block all your network traffic either for a single network adapter or for all of them. However, you don't need to set the processes priority one-by-one, as the program allows you to apply a default configuration which is already optimized for many well-known processes and applications. This configuration will optimize the network traffic and bandwidth usage for most users.

As I mentioned above, NetBalancer also enables you to create traffic rules and filters, for which it could be used as a firewall too. The program allows you to filter your network traffic by source/destination MAC addresses, source/destination IP addresses, Ethernet protocol, IP protocol and source/destination port ranges. Besides, you can also specify a day of the week, day of the month and month of the year when a specific filter will be applied.

Although NetBalancer can work as a standalone application, it can also install a system service which allows you to monitor and control your network traffic all the time in the system background. Finally, you can create a free account to use the so-called "Cloud Sync" service which accesses remotely your bandwidth usage statistics, charts and reports.

To sum it all up, NetBalancer is a versatile tool that provides you with full control over your network traffic and bandwidth usage, allowing you to filter and block traffic, set upload/download speed limits and change each process transmission priority, among other interesting features. All of them turn this app into a must-have for any network administrator, webmaster or any other professional whose work is related to networks.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to set rules and speed limits for all your network traffic.
  • Lets you control network traffic by processes, network cards, MAC and IP addresses and port ranges.
  • You can monitor and control your network traffic remotely.
  • Offers you a default configuration already optimized for most users.
  • Capable of replacing any firewall


  • Designed mostly for advanced users and network administrators
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