NetBalancer 4.1

Net Balancer is a perfect program for monitoring and controlling your network
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Net Balancer is a perfect program for monitoring and controlling your network properties and traffic.

When using this program, setting a higher priority for a download/upload doesn't limit or slows down your other download/uploads. When your primary download/upload is finished, your second download/upload in priority receives its allocated bandwidth. Your Internet speed will not be slowed down if you use this program to download files from torrents or from websites.

The nicest feature of this program is the Level Severity option. This parameter sets the speed difference between applications that have dissimilar network priorities. The higher the set Level Security, the greater the speed difference. You should leave this option at the default value of 50, and this way even a lower-priority process will be able to transfer data. Furthermore, this program can ignore the local traffic, bandwidth and system traffic limitations, making it possible for you to download and upload a high amount of data.

You can set a download or upload speed limit after you choose a priority for your program. You can select the priorities as following: high, normal, low, limited ignored and blocked. In other monitoring processes, download/upload speed is represented by values, but in Net Balancer’s case it can be represented graphical as well.

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  • The Level Severity option feature
  • Easy to master and control
  • Ability of prioritizing your network processes


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